Saturday, January 23, 2010

A very late Christmas picture of Gabby here. I am just so far behind this year. Very sorry about that.

I've had this nasty virus since the beginning of December and am finally better. None of the meds I got worked at all, and they included antibiotics and steroids. Figures, give it enough time and it will go away by itself. Where did I hear that before I wonder?

Anyhow, its back to English on my blog for now.

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sandy said...

Stopping in to say hi, hope things are going well. Visiting all Rav Bridge and Beyond Members today to wish all a Happy New Year. Hope the new year brings only good things for you and yours. Also hoping for more participation from the group by way of donations. The more donations we're able to obtain, the more people we can help. Can we count on your help?